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Our Mission

Ariel Community Care’s mission is to help improve the lives of individuals by providing high-quality support services utilizing a person-centered approach that allows them to build useful skills including personal care, daily living, socialization and self-motivation which will create opportunities for individuals so they can live a healthy and more self-sufficient lifestyle while maintaining recovery and being productive members in their community.

Our Vision

Ariel Community Care will strive to be one of the top providers of support services ensuring that individuals in recovery who have gone through our system of care will fully benefit from learning methods of self-help, self-advocacy, daily living, as well as other pertinent skills that result in long term sustainable outcomes.      


  • We believe that individuals receiving services are partners in the program and treatment.

  • We strive to assist adults in maintaining their recovery by developing their potential to achieve balanced physical, psychological, and emotional strength.

  • We seek to build a culturally diverse organization that honors the cultural diversity of individuals receiving services.

  • We value innovation, flexibility, reflection, and continuous improvement.

  • We value personal development and professional growth.

  • We value all members of our staff and strive to provide the highest level of care and support to each individual served.

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Our Services

Our Services

Ariel Community Care provides community based Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder services throughout North Carolina and in parts of Georgia.

Peer Support Services

Peer Support Services was the foundation service delivered by Ariel staff and remains a solid part of the structure of the agency.


Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program is a group setting facilitated by an individual interested and skilled in transitioning you through the challenges of maintaining your sobriety.

Individual Support Services

ISS provides assistance for individual who have moved into independent living within the past 90 days. This service is short term and intended for immediate results.

Ariel's 1st Office Location in Yanceyville, NC


Ready to find out more?

We are here to help and the first step is reaching out to schedule an assessment with one of our qualified staff. Your first step is to contact us and allow us to partner with you to begin or continue your recovery journey.

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