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Why Choose Ariel Community Care?


In the name we profess our commitment to the communities in which we live and serve. We honor our commitment to the community and the peoples of each community that we enter and provide services. We specifically reach out to the rural communities and place offices in these less metropolitan regions to offer and provide the needed services in your community, not an hour or more commute away. 


Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and are founded in the belief that everyone deserves a chance to begin and continue their recovery path from Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder. Most staff have lived experience in these areas and their hand reaching out to assist is a proven testimony that with the right assistance each individual can find positive traction in their recovery path and journey forward.


We care. From the owners to the behind the scenes administrative staff everyone involved with Ariel Community Care LLC has a passion and a desire to see positive change happen for you. You will have a team of individuals you will interact with regularly when you receive services however you will have a much larger team supporting and making it happen for you that you may never meet but who care for and about you.


Community involvement is a key part of the success for a person in recovery and Ariel is a community of people who care and we link you with a much larger community of people who care and services that you may not be aware exist or you should be connected with. Community connection is a valuable tool to success in recovery and Ariel staff work with you to develop the appropriate relationships and community linkage for your overall long term success.


Historical proof of CARF accreditations and multiple MCO/LME/PHP contracts in good standing. The blueprint for your success is to align with an agency/individual(s) who have a history of excelling in their field as recognized through successful audits and accreditation surveys. This is the technical side of why to choose Ariel - the experts have chosen Ariel and placed their seal of approval on the business.

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