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Peer Support Services

Have you ever found yourself on the positive side of a negative experience and you couldn't wait to share your knowledge with someone else to help them navigate the situation easier than you did? That is the core of what PSS is founded on; the belief that an individual with lived experience in a specific struggle will hold the tools and key to unlock the path for another individual facing similar challenges. Specifically at Ariel it is individuals with Mental Health or Substance Use Disorder Diagnosis who are seeking assistance with navigating a barrier to their recovery.

What does PSS look like you might ask? It is you and your Certified Peer Support Specialist in the community together working through barriers that prevent your continued success in your recovery path. It could be you and your CPSS meeting at the library to research what is needed in your area to obtain a needed ID for an application to complete school/gain your GED. Perhaps your past failed attempts at recovery resulted in charges placed against you and it could be you and your CPSS working through the necessary steps to navigate the legal system and to regain a positive standing in your community to prevent additional barriers such as housing restrictions, etc. 

Each person has an individual story and path to and through recovery. Ariel is an agency that partners with you to assist when possible to remove additional barriers from your path. It is important to understand that you are the key and you have choices in how and when your recovery begins, continues, and ends. Ariel staff want to assist you to finish a successful recovery story.

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