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Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program, also referred to as SAIOP or IOP, is an intensive 12 week group program designed with the projected outcome of shifting an individual from new recovery path to a more stable recovery path. SAIOP is not an inpatient treatment and does not include medication assisted treatment. Referrals are available if your path needs to begin with either of those treatments and we are happy to help you find the correct provider to assist if that is your need. 

Ariel began SAIOP group sessions in 2020 and has helped individuals navigate the early stages of recovery from substance use in both an in person, until the pandemic shut facilities down, and online platforms. As a provider of SAIOP services Ariel maintains a state license for two locations currently in North Carolina: Marion and Yanceyville. A facility license is a requirement for any provider to offer this service and Ariel has maintained license in NC for multiple locations since 2019.

Ariel's SAIOP team has a foundation in lived experience and healthy awareness. Recognizing that recovery is not a straight linear path and relapse is a possibility in any recovery Ariel staff are engaged and encourage participant inclusion and engagement to positively encourage and help one another succeed. LCAS, LCSWA, LCMHC, QP, CPSS, PP, AP, and support staff have all participated in building the successful SAIOP group at Ariel.

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